About Chan KM Geriatric & Medical Clinic Pte Ltd

When the person is young, that is when preventive medicine comes in.

This comes in the form of lifestyle modifications and early detection of illnesses. Early detection of illnesses (say in a person of 40yrs old) like hypertension and diabetes would go a long way into reducing the complications that will come about 20 years later (when the person is in the 60s).

These are the complications that will incapacitate the person, increasing mobidity and mortality of the person — for example, through strokes, heart disease, renal diseases, amputations etc.

Prevention of such problems could be said to be the start of ‘Anti-Ageing Medicine’ as illnesses accelerates ageing.

Entering our golden years healthily will go a long way into maintaining our physical independence, psychological wellbeing and better quality of life.

The maple leaf logo signifies the changing phases in the life of a person: the green leaf signifies the prime or the Spring of life (where Internal Medicine comes in); while the golden orange leaf signifies the Autumn years (where Geriatric Medicine is important).

Same leaf, and still beautiful at different phases of life.

This personifies the holistic care of a person.

This is what geriatric or elderly care is all about.